OnLine Courses and Coaching for Real Estate Photographers

Today, more than ever, real estate photography is one of the most important marketing tools used to help sell real estate.  The real estate markets in the United States as well as globally, are very active and the seemingly insatiable demand for real estate in turn creates demand for photography and related services.

As noted in the Wall Street  Journal blog, quality real estate photography frequently can be the differentiator to sell houses faster and at higher prices.

In addition to real estate agents - home builders, architects, developers, property managers, construction companies, retirement communities, hotels, commercial space, magazines, interior designers, stagers and real estate investment trusts(REITs) all have a need for real estate photography services.

This is good news to photographers.  But like every other business, there is plenty of competition to service all those real estate agents looking for the next listing and big sale.  Being successful in real estate photography is much more than just providing well crafted images, it is about understanding, managing and growing your business skills as well.  Let's take a look.

  • Can you identify and qualify which real estate agents want to buy your real estate photography services?
  • Do you understand how to find those agents and how to market your photography and related services to those agents?
  • Are you really profitable?  How do you determine not only if you are profitable, but if you are earning enough to sustain yourself and systematically grow your business in a predictable, consistent and reliable manner?
  • How does your pricing strategy affect the number of real estate agents that give you properties to photograph?
  • How much time a day do you effectively spend on social media and how can you manage your precious time resources to be more efficient to create demand for your services as well as be positioned as a valuable resource to real estate agents?

These are only the beginning elements to running a successful real estate photography business that is not only profitable but allows you to work reasonable hours and earn a good living.  You must have a clear understanding of Best Business Practices as a business owner so that you can go to sleep at night confident that when you wake up the next day - you have a thriving and a growing business with satisfied clients ready to offer you the next assignment.

To help you rapidly boost your business, we have developed a series of courses for Real Estate Photographers that concentrates on these Best Business Practices.  Each topic we cover has an Introduction class, a Signature class, a Master class and a Virtual Boot Camp.  We also offer individual business coaching and mentoring sessions for the Real Estate Photographer upon request.