Sunday, March 05, 2017
By Suzanne Feinberg
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We have led many webinars for vendors and while looking through some webinars for content for our Burst Marketing Lab - March Email Madness campaign we found this post which is still relevant today.  (Original Post May 2012).  Suzanne Feinberg of PowerVision360 Productions gave a webinar hosted by called THE FIVE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT EMAIL MARKETING.  This blog post is designed to carry you one step further.  To examine your email marketing campaign and see:  IS YOURS UP TO PAR?


You’ve watched the webinar and know what is involved with creating the email marketing campaign, but did you know that to measure the success of the campaign, the email must be opended and an action taken!  Here are a few tips to improve response rate and success rate for your campaign.


1.    CANSPAM states you have to be honest in your subject line, but plain honesty can be bland and unattractive so we need to dress up our subject line.  The subject line will create the first impression and therefore if it is a bad impression, then the trash or worse yet junk options will be chosen for the hard work you put into creating the email.  Following with CanSpam regulations the name of your company and a topic will result in the recipient opening the email more often.  A good subject line might read:

Re:   PowerVision360 Productions Presents Marketing Webinars


2.    Who is the email from?  The the recipient know you or is this the first time you will be communicating with this person.  No one wants to feel like the email is automated so try to avoid addresses like: or customersupport  An address like is much more personal and looks like the sender wants you to know who she is and what she is offering to you.


3.    Sending the email personally to the recipient.  People love to receive emails that have been personalized directly for them.  One of the greatest things about email services such as Aweber is the mail merge feature that creates customized and personalized emails using templates and  a database created from the original sign-up forms.


4.    Same email, variety of emails, daily, weekly, monthly- How much is too much and how few are too little.  A consistent campaign is the best so if you promise a monthly newsletter, distribute the newsletter email every month on the 15th – again an easy action with an email service.  Then use the analytics provided by the email service and determine how many people are opening the emails, are they clicking on links, are the responding to you.  Be sure to follow up on customer service issues that may fall back to you as a result of a regular contact.


5.    How large an email should be sent – our rule of thumb in everything we do is quality over quantity.  Each email should be direct and to the point and be presented in a clean, professional presentation.  Provide important information and not just offers to purchase.  i.e. recently we decided that rather than offer to sell a macro lens through our affiliate, we would right a blog about macro photography and place a picture with a link to the affiliate to buy the lens.  Very subtle, but we sold 3 lenses through the affiliate.


6.    How to improve your emails – the answer is go to your customers.  The ones who are responding are giving you feedback.  If they don’t tell you directly – ask them with one of several methods – telephone, email or survey or other creative methods.



To summarize – email marketing is not just sending an email to someone and hope the order happens– its creating a campaign and using subtle influences to get the recipient to open the email and respond so that you get the expected result of the campaign – the sale, the question, the adding to the mailing list or whatever your goal for the campaign might be.


Please feel free to contact Suzanne Feinberg to learn more about email marketing campaigns or to sign up for a free test drive for 30 days of the best email marketing service provider on the market today.

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Monday, February 20, 2017
By Brad Feinberg
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Our Secret to Converting Leads at Live Events

Learn Brad Feinberg's secret to converting leads at live events. Hint: (It involves your cell phone!)

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My #1 Tool for Turning Conference Attendees into Leads and then Customers (Hint It Involves their Cell Phones!)

Although several providers have services like LeadDigits from Lead Pages, we choose to use LeadDigits because of its ease of setting up and implementing a program in just about 10 minutes.  

We recently used LeadDigits to help us capture leads from our booth and speeches at the Pro Photo Expo in Covington, Kentucky.   We used two short codes - one for the speech Brad delivered to over 100 people on capturing leads at live events; and, one for the speech Brad delivered in the Trade Show Theatre on the conversion marketing cycle for professional photographers.  

Get your copy of the Top 10 Reasons that Photographers Use LeadDigits to Capture Leads at live Events.

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Lead Digit in Action


We would love for you to have a copy of the Top 10 Reasons that Photographers Use LeadDigits to Capture Leads at Live Events.  

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