Concierge Email Migration Services



You want the power behind one of the new Email Service Providers, but the work to switch systems can seem daunting - especially if you are a team of one.

What if it could all be done for you - Well it can!

We offer a Concierge Migration Service from any existing email provider to any new email provider.

From Discovery Call to Delivery of the full content and construction of the migrated assets to your new provider, we make it easy for you to make the transfer. We offer two migration options - Contacts Only or Structured Migration.



What is Email Migration?

Email migration is moving your entire subscriber list from one email service provider to another. Email Migration can also include the transport of any or all of the following to your new email service provider:

  • Tags or Keywords
  • Campaigns 
  • Existing Forms/Graphics and Templates 
  • Campaigns
  • Existing Email Autoresponder Sequences and Templates
  • Automated Workflows


Why Would You Migrate to a New Email Service Provider?

  • Budgetary Reasons - The new provider has a lower monthly fee or has the same fee but can handle more subscribers.
  • Advanced Features - Your current provider doesn't offer some of the advanced features you need for marketing automation such as workflows, tagging and segmentation.
  • Service and Support - Your current provider is not offering enough support for your company and the new provider offers a better customer service plan (i..e 24 hour email vs chat vs telephone support).
  • Sender Reputation - Your current provider has a lower sender reputation and therefore fewer emails are reaching the inboxes of your subscribers.


What are the Two Types of Concierge Migrations?

Standard Migration:  We will import your contacts for you broken out by segments or tags and retag them in the new email service provider.  We can import both standard and custom fields and tags.

Structured Migration:  A mandatory Audit is required for this type of migration, but the full price of the audit is applied to the final project.  The audit is required to determine the actual pricing of the migration which is based on the number of campaigns, emails, forms and workflows in your existing email service provider that will be transferred and re-created in your new email service provider.


What is not included in the Migration Pricing?

We do not include custom coding of forms or templates.  This would be an extra charge to the migration process.  And, you will have to remove the old forms from your website and install the new forms either by yourself or with your website manager.

We only import active contacts who have gone through the Opt-In process on your existing subscriber list.  We do not import unsubscribed, bounced, invalid, disposable, catch-all or purchased subscriber addresses.  These active contacts are determined during the audit.  

All migrated lists must be in a .csv or .txt format for the import.  We will not individually enter the names to the new provider. 

If a feature or a function works differently in your new email service provider, we will let you know so you can arrange for support from the provider.


How is a Migration Priced?

Migrations are priced based on three factors:

  • Mandatory Audit for Structured Migrations
  • Number of Subscribers
  • Number of Email Assets to be Migrated


How Long Does a Migration Take?

We strive to complete your migration as quickly as possible.  The complexity of your migration is the determining factor in how long the project will take.  After you have submitted your migration request form we will contact you via email.  Our simplest Contact Migrations can be accomplished within 5 business days. Our Structured Migrations can take two to four weeks based on the number of assets to be transferred and set up in the new provider. We strive to complete your migration as quickly as possible.