Unlike an IRS Audit -
Email Audits are completely voluntary!

Our basic email audit evaluates your current email marketing system and provides a plan to make the recommended improvements.

The audit will result in a cleaner, healthier list.

By performing the audit and implementing the recommendations, you should be able to improve your sender reputation which means that your emails will be more likely to be delivered to an actual Inbox rather than a Spam, Junk or Promotional Mailbox.

When you have a higher number of your emails delivered to an inbox - more emails get opened = higher conversion rates from leads to sales.

In addition to looking at the health of your list, our audits look at each individual campaign and we create a report for you describing the success of each campaign based on email opens and campaigns.  (Depending on your email service provider, stats available for the audit will differ from each provider.)




Step 1 - The Discovery Call:
The main purpose of the Discovery Call is to explain the process to you. We will also collect any credentials and
necessary files required to run the audit. The Discovery Call is approximately 30 minutes on GotoWebinar
(time varies based on file sizes to be uploaded).

Step 2 - The Health Check Run:
A preliminary health check will be run to determine the bounce rate and other subscriber issues.

Step 3 - The Cleaning Run:
A secondary run that cleans the list will be run. A cleaned list will be provided to you to upload back into your
email system.

Step 4 - The Audit Survey:
You will receive an email with the Audit Survey. Once we receive the audit survey, we will be able to create all of the
recommendations, and action items for you to perform.

Step 5 - The Concluding Call: Results, Reports, Deliverables
The Concluding Call is approximately 30 minutes on GotoWebinar. We will review the results and reports together. Your deliverables and action items will be explained to you so that you can begin implementing the audit recommendations and immediately start to see improved results.